Why HIMYD Has Potential

I'm a little upet at how much people have been doubting the potential of How I Met Your Dad, it hasn't even come out yet, and people are already saying it's going to be a failure. This negative response has been coming in even more since the very controversial finale to How I Met Your Mother. I find it a bit odd actually, are we supposed to assume that Frank will go up to Juliet's house 25 years later holding up a green trumpet or something? I honestly doubt that the creators would just duplicate the show, and have the same characters, and same exact details. Sure, some aspect might be the same, but spin-offs usually do that. I'll admit I was very skeptical at first, even negative, but I now realize I shouldn't have felt that way. I remember getting angry at people for judging the Mother because she wasn't 'the hottest woman', yet I was judging something I didn't give a chance, and I realize now, I should be more open to it. What some people don't get is, they loved How I Met Your Mother, they only disliked the finale. In case you didn't notice (I'm sure everyone has), social media practically exploded after the finale. Creators Carter and Craig were bombarded with nasty tweets, you really think they'll make the same 'mistake' again? I put mistake in quotations, because it's not much of a mistake really, but a trigger to negative response. I do think they've actually been reading why people disliked the finale, for example, spending so much of Season 9 dedicated to Barney and Robin. They'll probably learn to make better use of episodes rather than dragging it out. That's how the world is, we screw up, move on, but remember how we screwed up, so we don't do it again. How I Met Your Dad could really be great, even as a spin-off. Did you know The Simpsons was a spin-off of a show that was actually less successful? Of course that won't be happening with HIMYM mot likely, considering it had a nine year run, but the point is it could have success.

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