• Lazer981

    Is this dead?

    June 11, 2014 by Lazer981

    So, is this TV-show dead or will it air sometime in the future? What do ya think?

    Also, I would like to give my best of thank yous and appreciations to the creators of this wikia. Nicely done, I like the layout and the pages, sad if the show is "retired". I loved reading your weekly round-ups.

    /Farhampton (Wikia wont let me sign out) :P

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  • LegenDove

    Cast Photo Analyzation

    April 27, 2014 by LegenDove

    Hey guys,

    So I am sure you are all familiar with the main cast photo, it is shown on the right. I noticed a few things that kind offf... I don't know how to put it but I guess you could say they stood out. I edited the image in Paint and highlighted the 3 things I found interesting, and numbered them. Here's the image:

    This is the legend:

    1) Top of the wall

    2) Background

    3) Brunch menu

    These are the analyzations I made:

    1) Notice how you can see the top of the wall. Is it just me, or is it a little too short? If this was going to be a location that they shot at frequently, they would create a larger set. With a wall the size of this, it'd be hard to create a wide shot upon it.

    2) This is the most interesting of the three. As you can see, it's nigh…

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  • LegenDove

    The Weekly Round-up

    April 20, 2014 by LegenDove

    As many of you know, I have started up a weekly news article called the Weekly Wiki Round-up.

    I would like to know what you guys thought of it. Are there any ways I could improve it? Should I make it shorter/longer? Please leave your thoughts and suggestions below, I'd love to hear them!


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  • Dumblepops

    I'm a little upet at how much people have been doubting the potential of How I Met Your Dad, it hasn't even come out yet, and people are already saying it's going to be a failure. This negative response has been coming in even more since the very controversial finale to How I Met Your Mother. I find it a bit odd actually, are we supposed to assume that Frank will go up to Juliet's house 25 years later holding up a green trumpet or something? I honestly doubt that the creators would just duplicate the show, and have the same characters, and same exact details. Sure, some aspect might be the same, but spin-offs usually do that. I'll admit I was very skeptical at first, even negative, but I now realize I shouldn't have felt that way. I remember…

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  • LightDove

    Hey I am LightDove

    April 8, 2014 by LightDove

    Hey as you know from the title I am LightDove and I am also LegenDoves BF We enjoy each others company and I am glad he told me about this wiki as I love HIMYM and can't wait for HIMYD.

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  • Derpster01

    Chat Meetings

    April 4, 2014 by Derpster01

    LegenDove and I (and possibly will be meeting on Friday's at 6PM American Eastern Time and Wednesday's 5:30PM American Eastern Time in the wiki's chatroom. Feel free to join! :D

    There will also be a countdown on the front page once we figure out how to get one :P 

    For those living on the East Coast of Australia it is on 9 AM on saturdays and 8:30 am [AEDT] on Thursdays.

    For those following the standard UTC time, chat time is 10 PM on Friday and 9:30 PM on Wednesday.

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  • Dumblepops

    Number 31

    April 3, 2014 by Dumblepops

    Does anyone think #31 might come into the show somehow? I hope.

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  • Farhampton

    The Twist

    April 2, 2014 by Farhampton

    Hi, Farhampton here. :D

    So, I guess that everyone on here has seen the HIMYM finale, which I by the way though was beautiful and true to life as the cast called it.. Anyways, about the finale.. You saw the huge twist and it didn't blow your mind because you were kinda expecting it, but at the same time also not..

    I've read that Frank will be the dad and that we'll meet him in the FIRST episode, but why is the mother "Sally" telling this story to her kids? Is it just a heartwarming story or is there some kind of huge twist? Because we might already know who the father is, so what do you think will happen?

    Haha, I know it's way to early to talk about this, but "curseword" I'm just really excited, and you'll see me a lot on this wikia, I love it…

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  • Diego Ramirez

    I put Frank as the dad because on a entry of it says:

    Un crítico francés ha tenido el privilegio de leer una copia del guión del episodio piloto de la nueva serie de la CBS, 'How I Met Your Dad'. Craig Thomas y Carter Bays, creadores de How I met Your Mother, unen fuerzas con Emily Spivey para crear una nueva serie basada en la serie en la que Ted relata a sus hijos la historia de cómo conoció a su madre. En esta ocasión, será Sally, interpretada por Greta Gerwig, la que protagonizará 'How I Met Your Dad'y nos contará con pelos y señales cómo conoce al padre de sus hijos. Como te decíamos en, vamos a ahondar en la crítica que ha realizado el crítico de cine en Allocine Jean-Maxime Renault en su blog 'Des News en Séries, Le…

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  • Derpster01

    Well, tomorrow is the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. Please vote on the poll below.

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  • Diego Ramirez

    Gavin is going to be a recurring character? Or he will just be at the Pilot?

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  • LegenDove

    Right now marks the start of something awesome. It's March 2014, and I currently know hardly anything about How I Met Your Dad. All I know is that Theres the main characters Sally, Todd, Frank, Juliet and Danny. Greta Gerwig has been cast and is also an executive producer. There's not much else I know. Right now the wikia is going along with a Red Umbrella logo, even though we are probably going to be wrong, we need some placeholders because the world is still yet to see even the first episode of HIMYD.

    Now you may be wondering "Why does all this matter?". Well, it matters because this marks how far the wiki has come since this blog post. I want people to look at this at least a year from now and ask themselves "how far has the wiki come?".…

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