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Hello, Derpster01 here and I'd like to bring up some questions about the wiki. It's occurred to me that not everyone may agree with how I want things done around here. There are three other staff members and I don't want to seem like I'm taking charge of everything. I think the community should be apart of most the decisions made here, not just me.

Dumblepops (wiki rollback) brought up the thing with cast pages linking to Wikipedia articles. I wanted to do it at first (which is why cast pages mainly have Wikipedia links), but then I changed my mind. I wanna know your guy's opinions about the links. I think it'd be easier not to link. Honestly I don't want to lead them out of the wiki :P But in all seriousness, what is your opinion about this. Everyone has a say in this discussion, not just staff members.

Wiki admin, LegenDove brought up the thing with including starring cast on the episode infoboxes. He thinks that it is unnecessary since they will most likely be in every episode. My thoughts on the subject is that it just looks better with the entire cast listed. That means starring, guest starring, costarring, special guest starring, and uncredited. I want to know your guy's opinion on this as well. Also, just like before, everyone has a say in this discussion.

So just vote in the comment section and maybe give a brief explanation why you think that certain thing should happen. Also comment other stuff you'd like discussed here.


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If there was one thing I would change, it's the episode names. Call me old-fashioned, but I think it's better if the episodes are like this instead of "this". For me, it creates a bit more confusion to the things that are actually quotes and the things that are actually episodes. it just provides a cleaner and fresher look, in my opinion. Discuss.


^ I agree with putting episodes in italics, maybe it's just because that's how it is on HIMYM wiki and I'm more used to it, but I think it is more appealing. Though, I do agree with LegenDove, I don't find it needed to put them under cast, they're already listed as regulars anyways. If a cast member didn't show up (which is pretty rare), you can just put it under other notes.


I guess the episodes could be in italics, but I still prefer we keep the main cast in the infobox :/


Alright, since I'm currently creating an Admin Poll, I will also include a poll discussing the cast ine the infobox issue.

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